From design to execution & results

ORIDIS Biomarkers provides flexible solutions, tailored to the specific demands of your projects. Our molecular pathology group teams up with our clients in providing answers to support their research & development programmes.

We offer solutions in the fields of,

Biomarker Evaluation & Patient Stratification

Integration of molecular pathology with clinical data to identify and characterize clinical patient subgroups for biomarker presence and target-focused therapeutic intervention, ultimately defining stratification rules for clinical development studies and optimal drug response.

Antibody Profiling

Evaluation of immune reactivity in human tissue across a vast and diverse tissue cohort allowing for mapping of protein expression and antibody cross-reactivity.

Diagnostic Assay Development

Development of diagnostic assays based on IHC, FISH, PCR and DNA-sequencing. Our development process is compliant to internationally applicable quality standards and final product kits consist of CE – marked reagents.